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Taxability Info

Taxability Info

For business use, most of our products can be tax-exempt if they are used to produce your finished product. Suppose we manufacture a custom packaging product for you which you will ultimately deliver and tax to the end user. In that case, it is easy to supply a Manufacturer or Resell Exemption certificate.

I think I might be tax exempt, how do I know and what should I do?

If you think that you might be tax exempt based on the use of the product you are purchasing from, reach out to your state tax office and see how you can best achieve being a tax exempt business!

I am tax exempt, what do I do?

If you are already tax exempt, please reach out to our Sales Tax Compliance Team at and they will help you make your orders on tax exempt!

5 States without Sales Tax

If you are based in Delaware, Alaska, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon, you will not be charged sales tax shipping to those states UNLESS you are shipping your order to any of the other 45 U.S. states or U.S. territories. 


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