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D.O.T. Hazmat Labels and Stickers

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Class 1 D.O.T. Labels (Explosives)

Class 2 D.O.T. Labels (Gasses)

Class 3 D.O.T. Labels (Flammable Liquids)

Class 4 D.O.T. Labels (Flammable Solids)

Class 5 D.O.T. Labels (Oxidizers and organic peroxides)

Class 6 D.O.T. Labels (Poisons and etiologic materials)

Class 7 D.O.T. Labels (Radioactive material)

Class 8 D.O.T. Labels (Corrosives)

Class 9 D.O.T. Labels (Miscellaneous dangerous substances and articles)

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D.O.T. Hazmat Labels
CDOT Hazmat labels have a characteristic color pattern, pictogram, and hazard class number for identifying dangerous shipments with Hazmat shipping labels. There are nine different hazard classes under the DOT hazardous materials classification system.  Meets Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) guidelines and U.S. Government approved colors for immediate recognition.  500 4" x 4" pressure-sensitive labels per roll.

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