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D.O.T. Hazmat Labels and Stickers

D.O.T. Hazmat Labels

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Class 1 D.O.T. Class 1 Labels (Explosives)

Class 2 D.O.T. Class 2 Labels (Gasses)

Class 3 D.O.T. Class 3 Labels (Flammable Liquids)

Class 4 D.O.T. Class 4 Labels (Flammable Solids)

Class 5 D.O.T. Class 5 Labels (Oxidizers and organic peroxides)

Class 6 D.O.T. Class 6 Labels (Poisons and etiologic materials)

Class 7 D.O.T. Class 7 Labels (Radioactive material)

Class 8 D.O.T. Class 8 Labels (Corrosives)

Class 9 D.O.T. Class 9 Labels (Miscellaneous dangerous substances and articles)

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CDOT Hazmatlabels have a characteristic color pattern, pictogram, and hazard class number for identifying dangerous shipments with Hazmat shipping labels. There are nine different hazard classes under the DOT hazardous materials classification system. • Meet Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) guidelines and U.S. Government approved colors for immediate recognition. • 500 4 x 4" pressure-sensitive labels per unit.

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