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Quick Labels on Rolls

Custom Quick Labels on Rolls

These quick labels ship in 24 hours and are die-cut on rolls for fast and easy application. Choose from 12 different label stocks and 25 standard colors.

Product Catalog (HTML5)

1. Pick a Shape and Size. See the price chart below for available sizes and shapes.
Pick a Stock from the choices listed below.
Pick an Ink color from the list below.  2nd Color may be added at an additional charge.

Sketch a layout and/or upload us your camera-ready art/logo (Click on theArtwork Upload Button on that page).

 We will typeset your copy and/or use your camera-ready art. Screens are available at an additional cost and lead time. Quick Labels are for indoor use only. Labels are packaged 1000 labels per roll on 3" cores. Dispenser boxes are available for a small assembly charge; please call for details.



To specify, find the product number for the design you like and add the code for the stock. For example, to order a 1"x2" rectangle on White Gloss stock, put LL008-W and the ink color.

Standard Stocks = S
Premium Stocks = P
W = White Gloss
S = Bright Silver Foil
M = White Matte G = Bright Gold Foil
Y = Yellow Gloss
V = White Vinyl
O = Orange Fluorescent
C = Clear (paper like)
R = Red Fluorescent

X = White Gloss with

Opaque Adhesive

K = Green Fluorescent
P = Pink Fluorescent

The following ink colors are representations only. We do have a PMS equivalent color, but they are not

exact duplicates of a PMS color. You can download an adboe acrobat PDF PMS color chart but please be aware that your computer monitor / screen will not be an exact representation.

Red #3
Ruby Red
Dk. Blue
Lt. Blue
Med. Blue
Dk. Green
Lt. Green
Gold #16
Silver #21
Lt. Gray
Mint Green
Baby Blue
Dk. Violet
Golden Yellow
Minimum Order of 500 labels. Please to ask for a volume discount and delivery schedule on quantities greater

than 10,000. Quick Labels are packaged 1,000 labels per roll on 3" cores.

At this moment we can only give a quote as to what a label might cost. We are working very diligently to make it available in the near future where you will be able to order your labels online, with the hopes that you will eventually be able to actually design certain labels online as well. Be sure to check back often as we are continually updating our site to be more and more user friendly. Please contact your International Plastics Sales Representative to get more accurate pricing.


Please refer to the pdf catalog on pages 6 & 7 to your right for the most up to date pricing and sizes for quick labels on rolls.

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Custom Quick Labels on Rolls

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