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Custom Printed Wicketed Poly Bags

Custom Wicketed Poly Bags

Wicket Poly Bags are similar to the header pack bag, high clarity wicketed plastic bags are packaged on a wire, generally in groupings of 100 to 250 bags. Wicket Bags are designed for use with automated packaging machinery, the wicketed bag is easy to use and efficient in Automatic, Semi-Automatic and Manual load applications. Side or bottom weld with two holes in the lip on a metal bar wicket. Wicket plastic bags manufactured to your specifications. Liner Grade. FDA Approved. Some of the available options that you can specify for your order are Reinforced headers, Tear Starts, Header Seals, Bottom Gusset, flat bottom, perforated lip and choice of header sizes. Some additional options you may want to consider are vent holes, a suffocation warning, colored or tinted film, bar codes, resealable tape strips, printing your logo or maybe even using multiple colors of inks. Bags on wickets are a perfect consideration for Packaging and presenting anything from Bread or small mechanical Parts when being packaged in line or at work stations. An excellent way to close the bag is either heat sealing, crimped with a C-Ring, tied or taped shut.

The Wicketed Poly Bag is a unique and efficient form of product packaging. Technology has made it easy to automate your packing process, and the Wicketed Poly Bag is a convenient semi-automated method that can save time and effort. This type of bag is formed from multiple plastic bags that are arranged in order on a wire wicket. The bags are secured with rubber washers, ensuring a snug fit and reliable performance.

A 1.5" lip is standard for the Wicketed Poly Bag, but users have the flexibility to request other sizes according to their individual needs. Moreover, the bags can be mounted onto equipment for quick loading and sealing—further increasing efficiency throughout the packing process. Finally, with its seamless construction and organized design, this bag offers a professional look that will make your products stand out on store shelves.

For those looking for an efficient, user-friendly way to package their products, look no further than the Wicketed Poly Bag!

Custom Wicketed Poly Bags

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