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Litter Bags - Custom Printed

4 Spot Color Custom Printed Litter Bag

9" x 12" Custom Printed Litter Bags
All litter bags can be customized with your business name and logo. Car washes, insurance businesses, restaurants, realtors, and numerous other businesses or organizations can gain tremendous recognition all while helping to keep their communities clean.
The typical style and size of custom printed litter bags is 9" x 12", and they have a very common front opening with a 1” hang hole.

Litter bags with custom printing are specialized containers made to hold waste and litter. These bags can be personalized with logos, illustrations, and text to support a company, occasion, or cause. Litter bags with custom printing can be utilized in a range of locations, including parks, beaches, public gatherings, and other public areas.


There are a few crucial elements to take into account while choosing custom printed litter bags. The bags' dimensions and capacity, the kind of material utilized, and the method of printing the unique design are a few of these. It's crucial to take into account both the environment in which the bags will be utilized and the intended purpose of the bags.


International Plastics specialize in producing litter bags with personalized printing. We can collaborate with you to develop a design that suits your unique requirements and tastes. In order to make it simple to purchase and get custom printed litter bags in a timely and cost-effective manner, we also provide bulk pricing and quick turnaround times.


Overall, custom printed trash bags are a terrific way to advertise your company, occasion, or cause while simultaneously assisting in the maintenance of clean, litter-free public areas. These bags can be a useful tool in your marketing and outreach efforts with the correct design and contents.

Litter Bags - Custom Printed

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