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 Cohesive Foam

Our cohesive foam will protect many applications from threatening conditions. Cohesive foam packaging products helps reduce risk and limit damage caused by movement or shifting during transportation. If you are looking for a spacific size of cohesive foam, we have the products to fit your needs.

Cohesive Foam and Cohesive Foam Packaging Products

What are cohesive foam packaging products?

Cohesive foam packaging products are a type of protective packaging material made of foam that sticks to itself rather than to other surfaces. They are often used to cushion and protect items during shipping or storage. Examples of cohesive foam packaging products include foam peanuts and foam pads. These products are made from polystyrene or other types of foam that have been treated with a cohesive agent, which allows the foam to stick to itself and create a snug fit around the item being packaged. This helps to prevent movement and damage during transport.

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