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Razor Blades Knotch

Heavy-Duty .025 Type 92 Razor Blades 100 Pack

  • Stock #: TE04
  • Weight: 1.0 lbs
  • Qty/Pack: 100

Bulk Razor Blades HD .025 inch Type 92 - 100 Piece

Stock #: TE04

GTIN: 00631546067990


100 Heavy Duty Utility Knotch Razor Blades that fit most all utility knives including: Techni Edge, Stanley, Ardell, and Lutz. Dispenser mounts on wall for easy accessibility. Smooth Blade release. This pack of 100 replacement blades are perfect to have hanging around the workbench, warehouse or in your toolbox. Everyone knows that a dull knive is a dangerous knife. Why risk any kind of injury. Make sure you always have a sharp replacement blade on hand.

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