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Use Packing List Envelopes to Speed Up Your Packing and Shipping Process

JAN 05, 2024 • BY JEREMY •

How to use packing list envelopes

Packing list envelopes are an often overlooked but vital component of the shipping process. Packing slip envelopes are pivotal in ensuring your packages reach their destination efficiently and securely with the attached documents protected. They also are a convenient way to communicate the contents of a package, skid, or shipment without opening it.

What Are Packing List Envelopes?

Packing list envelopes are adhesive-backed plastic pouches designed to attach shipping documents to the outside packages securely. These envelopes safeguard essential information such as packing lists, invoices, and other relevant documents during transit. They also provide instructions on handling the package or documents without opening the package, keeping the box intact. 

Benefits of Using Packing List Envelopes

  • Enhanced Security: Packing list envelopes protect documents from moisture, dirt, and handling. Thus ensuring that vital information reaches its destination intact.
  • Improved Efficiency: Clear-front designs allow for easy identification of contents, speeding up customs and delivery processes.
  • Professional Presentation: They contribute to a professional look, reinforcing your brand’s commitment to quality and attention to detail.
  • Versatility: Available in various sizes and styles with markings for multiple document types or plain clear if you ship using multiple types of documents. 
Packing List Envelopes Advantages

How to Use Packing List Envelopes

  1. Select the Correct Style: Packing list envelopes come in many styles and prints You can also get a custom packing list envelope for any specific instructions you require on all packages. This also allows you to brand them with your logo. 
  2. Select the Right Size: Choose an envelope that fits your documents appropriately.
  3. Insert Documents: Place all relevant shipping documents inside before sealing. 
  4. Position Correctly: Peal off the liner and attach the envelope to a visible, flat surface on the package.

Where to Buy Wholesale Packing List Envelopes

International Plastics offers a wide range of in-stock packing list envelopes for all document types. Whether you’re looking for standard sizes or need custom packing list envelopes, we can help you find the perfect match for your shipping requirements.

Packing list envelopes are a small but crucial component of the shipping process. They enhance security, improve efficiency, and contribute to a professional appearance. By selecting suitable packing slip envelopes from, you can ensure that your shipping process is as smooth and reliable as possible and your packages look professional. 

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