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Pink Static Guard Reclosable Bags

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Minigrip 4 Mil Antistatic

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Anti Static Bags
Use our 4 mil anti-static reclosable bags when ESD protection is paramount. Many businesses trust our Minigrip pink .004 mil Static Guard poly bags. These 4 mil anti-static plastic reclosable bags can help avoid even minimal exposure to static electricity that can damage electronic parts, circuit boards, and other devices. Creating an ESD barrier static travels around the bag and dissipates it charge before it can damage your valuable components. Our wholesale reclosable anti-static bags are made with durable 4 mil polyethylene to withstand even items with pointed edges.

Why are anti-static bags pink?

The color pink does not have a specific function in Static Guard Reclosable Bags other than being a visual indicator of the bag's special properties. These bags are made from a special type of plastic that contains an additive designed to reduce static electricity, and the color pink is often used to indicate that this additive is present.


The pink color is not essential to the function of the bag, but it does serve as a useful indicator to distinguish these bags from regular reclosable bags. It also helps to remind users of the bag's special properties and to handle them with care, as static-sensitive items are often delicate and require special attention to avoid damage.


In general, the color of a bag does not affect its properties, and bags can be made in a variety of colors based on the preferences of the manufacturer or customer. However, in the case of Static Guard Reclosable Bags, the pink color serves as a useful visual cue to alert users to the special properties of the bag and to ensure that the contents remain protected from static electricity.

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