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20x20 Premium Metallic Sheets

20" x 20" Premium Metallic Sheets

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20 x 20 Metallic Cello Sheets 1 Mil

Stock #: PPDM12020

GTIN: 00631546021961

Our 20" x 20" Premium Metallic Sheets are excellent for products that are manually packaged with a consistent size. The mirrorized metallic sheets can be used for many uses such as gift wrap and decoration. They are great for creating a completed look for any product, especially for seasonal occasions. Their .48 mil PET (polyethylene terephthalate) material provides an opaque film with UV protection and has metallic color printing on both sides. Versatile metallic wraps add to the presentation quality of any product and can be held in place with a customized label.


    • Food Contact: .48 mil PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is suitable for most applications involving direct Contact with foodstuffs. They are manufactured to meet current Food Contact regulations. FDA approved.
    • Film Storage: These bags should be stored in its original wrapping away from any source of local heating or direct sunlight at temperatures between 60-75°F and at a relative humidity of 35-55%. Unlike Cellophane, these PET bags do not have a shelf life.
    • Performance: Your product is unique, different from other products. Some products react to oxygen, while moisture is an issue for others. We recommend that you perform a shelf-life test. Only you know how your product should look and taste. We also recommend a thorough test of bag strength, appearance, label adherence, and sealing.


20" x 20" Polypropylene Sheets Specifications

    • Type: Premium Metallic Sheets
    • Material: .48 mil PET (polyethylene terephthalate)
    • Color: Clear
    • Width: 20 inches
    • Height: 20 inches
    • Thickness: 1 mil
    • Recyclable: Yes

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