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Leakproof Zipper Locking Bags

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Plastic leakproof zip-top lock bags are used with liquids and fluids that need to be secure for long-term handling and storage of their contents. The double-locking zipper provides an airtight and water-tight seal. The patented manufacturing process eliminates leaks and offers unprecedented safety and leakproof ability. These leak-proof bags have a specialty post-applied leak-proof zipper that is easy to close. The sizes are appropriate for use as a primary container for most diagnostic specimens. Reclosable leakproof, double-lock plastic bags are manufactured from durable 3-mil material which in turn provides an exceptional vapor barrier and odor control. The 16" x 16" and 24" x 24" leakproof plastic zip bags are packaged and sold in a case in quantities of 100 per case.

Leakproof zipper locking bags are best used when you need to store or transport liquids or other items that may leak. These bags are designed with a unique zipper that provides a secure seal, helping to prevent leaks or spills. Some common uses of leakproof zipper-locking bags include:

  1. Food storage: You can use these bags to store and transport food items such as sandwiches, fruits, or snacks.
  2. Traveling with toiletries: Leakproof zipper locking bags are ideal for packing your liquids, creams, and other toiletries while traveling.
  3. Organizing and storing medications: These bags are great for organizing and storing pills and other medications, especially if you need to keep them separate from other items in your bag.
  4. Carrying liquids: Leakproof zipper-locking bags are perfect for carrying liquids such as water, sports drinks, or other beverages.
  5. Outdoor activities: These bags are great for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, or picnicking, where you need to carry liquids or other items that may leak.

Overall, leakproof zipper locking bags are best used in situations where you need to store or transport items that may leak or spill, and you want to keep your belongings clean and dry

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