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Our Strapping Buckles and Seals ensure a tight grip that will keep strapping in place during shipping and loading. We also supply Strapping Tools such as sealers and tensioners, which make the strapping process easier and promote efficiency. These quality seals and buckles can complete a strapping system and provide superior protection against loose or broken strapping
Our strapping seals and buckles are designed to keep plastic and steel strapping in place during shipping or moving around a warehouse. The Open Metal Seals are used for Plastic or Steel Strapping. They are sealed with a Crimper or Sealer for maximum hold. Our plastic and wire buckles are also excellent for securing plastic strapping. These buckles do not require a sealing method and are applied manually.

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Types of Seals and Buckels

Open Metal Seals

  • A strapping sealer or crimper is needed for the application.
  • Available for steel or plastic strapping.
  • For heavy-duty tensioning needs.
  • Uses: Polypropylene, Poly Cord, Polyester, and Steel Strapping.

Wire Buckles

  • No tools are needed for the application.
  • Easy to thread.
  • For heavier gauge strapping.
  • Uses: Polypropylene, Poly Cord, and Polyester Strapping.

Plastic Buckles

  • No tools are needed for the application.
  • For low tension needs.
  • Does not tarnish or rust.
  • Uses: Polypropylene, Poly Cord, & Polyester Strapping.

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