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PVC Shrink Wrap Bags

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Pvc Shrink Bags

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PVC Shrink Wrap Bags

PVC Shrink Bags are 80 gauge, resisting tampering and protecting the product from moisture and dust. They are a cost-effective and simple way to protect your product. These polyvinyl chloride shrink bags are clear so they show off your product. PVC shrink bags conform at a lower temperature than other shrink wrap plastic bags made from polyethylene or polyolefin materials.

Shrink Wrap Bag Features:

Wrap your retail products with reflective shine and cost-effective protection. SuperShrink bags designed for multi media items, small gift packs and multi-packs, paper reams, cards, and retail shelf items. Fast and easy to use. Just drop your product into a bag, then seal the open end. Bags are heat shrinkable to 40% and designed for quick-shrink micro-perf venting without ballooning.

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