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Polyolefin Shrink Wrap and Film on Rolls

Polyolefin Shrink Wrap

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Superb Seal-ability, High Gloss, Great Clarity, Won't Discolor with Age, No Smoke or Smell with Sealing, USDA & FDA Approved for Food Contact. Shrink film (also known as shrink wrap) is a very reasonably priced packaging choice that is durable, conforming, tamper evident, and crystal clear while making the product being packaged appear even better. Polyolefin shrink film is clearer, more elastic, and has a smoother texture than PVC Shrink Wrap / Shrink Film. Unlike PVC It doesn't give off a strong odor, is not hazardous or toxic when sealing.  This makes it the most popular choice when shrink wrapping food, as well as a wide variety of retail products such as jewel case for CDs and DVDs. The elasticity of polyolefin shrink wrap film makes it perfect for packaging a collection or multitude of products together. Polyolefin shrink film requires higher temperatures to shrink or conform than PVC shrink film and works wonderfully with our Portable Shrink Wrap Systems (13" and 24") including L-bar sealers.

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