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2.7 Mil SliderGrip Premium MiniGrip

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Minigrip Slidergrip Bags

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SliderGrip Premium MiniGrip
The reclosable slide lock “SliderGrip” plastic bags are fast, easy, and secure. The 2.7-mil slider top reclosable bags feature the trademarked blue slider and green zipper to make sure you're getting the very best. Check out our convenient dispenser carton to make handling and bagging any product easier. Enjoy the convenience of the easy slider top open/close feature that's made the Minigrip SliderGrip zipper bags so popular. Made with durable are 2.70-mil polyethylene, these wholesale slider zip top bags are built to tackle a wide variety of applications, especially in environments where gloves are worn. They close quickly and easily the first time and every time, reducing unnecessary repetitive motion which can result in carpal tunnel injuries. There are many reasons that business and individuals purchase these .0027 mil slider lock poly bags. While they are durable and reusable, they also feature a wider opening than what the width is listed at, so you can use the full bag width.

TSA Approved plastic bags / TSA Approved Zip Locking Bags / TSA Zip top bags Airline zip lock bag

Traveling? What better way to keep things handy and accessible in any airport than these TSA-approved Polyethelyne bags? Packaging any kind of foodstuffs? The sign of the Green zipper means that these bags are FDA Approve. On the other side of the spectrum, they keep small hardware pieces organized and handy. So they are the perfect package for everything from nuts and bolts to tubing and tackle.

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