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D.O.T. Radioactive III Label for Hazardous Materials

D.O.T. Radioactive III Materials Label for Transportation of Hazardous Materials - Class 7

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"Radioactive III" Hazard Class 7 Transportation Label

Stock #: HML418

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This D.O.T. Radioactive II paper label clearly identifies potential hazards like Uranium or Plutonium in a familiar design. This 4 inch X 4 inch, Department of Transportaion shipping label conveys hazard information for containers or shipments of hazardous materials. The white background with the large "Tri-Foil" or Trefoil symbol over the yellow traingle with black Radioactive text and the roman numeral 3 in red on top cleary states "RADIOACTIVE III". Flexible label stock with permanent adhesive. Printed with UV-stable ink and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use at service temperatures from -40 F to +180 F.

Radioactive substances comprise substances or a combination of substances which emit ionizing radiation (uranium, plutonium).


Some radioactive materials in "exclusive use" with low specific activity radioactive materials will not bear the label, however, the RADIOACTIVE placard is required.


Radioactive Yellow-III

The Radioactive Yellow-III label is attached to packages with extremely low levels of external radiation. The maximum contact radiation level associated with this label is Higher radiation levels--200mrem/hr (2 mSv/hr) maximum on surface;a 10 mrem/hr (0.1 mSv/hr) maximum at 1 meter


Also required for fissile class III or large-quantity shipments, regardless of radiation level


Height 4"
Width 4"
Size 4"h x 4"w
Langauge English
Reflectivity Non-Reflective
Glow Non-Glow
Hazard Class 7 - Radioactive Substances


Link for the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations for Radiation Yellow-III D.O.T. Label


very often referred to as an Accuform brand with the part number of MSL201EV5


All shipments of radioactive material, with the exception of those containing limited quantities or those of low specific activity (LSA), bear two identifying warning labels affixed to opposite sides of the outer package. Three different labels -- White-I, Yellow-II, or Yellow-III -- are used on the external surface of packages containing radioactive material.

The U.N. hazard class "7" is on labels of radioactive material.

Package labels specify the radioactive content and the quantity in curies. White-I and Yellow-III also specify the transport index.


Most shipments of radioactive material are accompanied by documents, such as shipping papers or bills of lading, which are of great value in assessing potential hazards in transportation accidents. These papers will have a 24-hour contact number for information about the material and potential health hazards.

Limits for Non-Exclusive Use Vehicle
    • 2 mSv/hr (200 mrem/hr) at surface of package
    • Individual packages cannot exceed 0.1 mSv/hr (10 mrem/hr) at 1 meter

Limits for Exclusive Use Vehicle
    • 20 µSv/hr (2 mrem/hr) in cab
    • 2 mSv/hr (200 mrem/hr) on surface of vehicle
    • 0.1 mSv/hr (10 mrem/hr) maximum at 2 meters
What is the transport index?

The number given indicates the maximum radiation level (in mrem/hr) at a distance of one meter from the external surface of a package or container. (Readings in mSv/hr are multiplied by 100 to get mrem/hr.) For example, a TI of 3 (as shown above) would indicate that, at one meter from the labeled package, the radiation intensity that can be measured is no more than 3 mrem/hr (.03 mSv/hr).

If the radiation level at one meter from a package is found to be higher than the specified value, a radiation authority should be consulted. The package contents might have shifted, shielding might have been breached, or an error might have occurred in packaging or labeling.

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