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Pallet Shrink Bags

Pallet-Size Shrink Bags on Rolls

Pallet Cover Shrink Bags

Shrink Pallet Bags are recommended for use with large machinery, heavy irregular loads, and for outdoor protection. Our pallet cover shrink bags are a gusseted bag on a perforated roll for easy tear off. Just slip the pallet cover shrink bags over the palletized goods and shrink with a heat gun. These shrink pallet covers have a UVI additive that protects from the sun's rays and keeps contents more secure during shipping.

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The Ripack 3000 Heat Gun is the Perfect tool to seal our shrink Wrap Pallet Covers Tight.
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Pallet Cover Shrink Bags

Sku #
44" x 44" x 70" Pallet Cover Shrink
48" x 46" x 72" Pallet Cover Shrink
50" x 44" x 57" Pallet Cover Shrink
50" x 48" x 84" Pallet Cover Shrink
52" x 43" x 70" Pallet Cover Shrink
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