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Pallet-Size Shrink Bags on Rolls

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Pallet Cover Shrink Bags

44x44 pallet cover shrink bags

44" x 44" x 70 Shrink Pallet Bags

Stock#: PCS444470




  / Roll of 25

48x46 pallet cover shrink bags

48" x 46" x 72 Shrink Pallet Bags

Stock#: PCS484672




  / Roll of 25

50x44 pallet cover shrink bags

50" x 44" x 57 Shrink Pallet Bags

Stock#: PCS504457




  / Roll of 25

50x48 pallet cover shrink bags

50" x 48" x 84 Shrink Pallet Bags

Stock#: PCS504884




  / Roll of 25

52x43 pallet cover shrink bags

52" x 43" x 70 Shrink Pallet Bags

Stock#: PCS524370




  / Roll of 25

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Pallet-Size Shrink Bags
Shrink Pallet Bags are recommended for use with large machinery, heavy irregular loads, and for outdoor protection. Our pallet cover shrink bags are a gusseted bag on a perforated roll for easy tear off. Just slip the pallet cover shrink bags over the palletized goods and shrink with a heat gun. These shrink pallet covers have a UVI additive that protects from the sun's rays and keeps contents more secure during shipping.

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Pallet-Size Shrink Bags on Rolls Calculator

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