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Newsprint Paper Sheets & Rolls

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Newsprint Rolls - Packing Filler

12 x 1440 newsprint roll

Stock#: NPR-1290




  / Roll of 1440'

18 x 1700 newsprint roll

Stock#: NPR-1890




  / Roll of 1440'

24 x 1440 newsprint roll

Stock#: NPR-2490




  / Roll of 1440'

30 x 1440 newsprint roll

Stock#: NPR-3090




  / Roll of 1440'

36 x 1700 newsprint roll

Stock#: NPR-3690




  / Roll of 1440'

48 x 1700 newsprint roll

Stock#: NPR-4890




  / Roll of 1440'

Newsprint Sheets

15 x 20 newsprint sheets in Bundle of 2400 Sheets Cushioning Orange Animal

Stock#: NP-1530




  / Bundle of 2400

18 x 24 newsprint sheets in Bundle of 1666 Sheets Cushioning Orange Animal

Stock#: NP-1830




  / Bundle of 1666

20 x 30 newsprint sheets in Bundle of 1200 Sheets Cushioning Orange Animal

Stock#: NP-2030




  / Bundle of 1200

24 x 30 newsprint sheets in bundle of 1000 Sheets

Stock#: NP-2433




  / Bundle of 1000

36 x 48 newsprint sheets

Stock#: NP-3630




  / Bundle of 415

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Newspaper Print
Newsprint Paper Rolls and News Print Sheets are the most economical and "green" of any void fill or padding product on the market. Made from 100% recycled paper without print, all of our paper newsprint rolls fit the standard paper cutter, and newsprint sheets are great to use if you don't have a dispenser.

Newsprint Paper Sheets and Rolls Features:

Frequently Asked Questions about Newsprint Sheets & Rolls

Are newsprint paper sheets the same as industrial tissue paper?

The main difference is the thickness or weight of the paper. Industrial tissue paper is a lighter weight, somewhere in the 22 lb range, whereas the newsprint sheets are a little thicker, ranging in thickness from 10 lbs to 50 lb thickness. Newsprint sheets and industrial tissue paper are very similar in appearance. They both have a gray to off-white or slightly ivory appearance. 

Is packing paper the same as newsprint?

Packing paper and newsprint sheets terms can be used interchangeably in the packing, packaging and moving industries. However, when we begin describing newsprint sheets to most people on the street, people have the idea that it is good old-fashioned printed newspapers.

Is it OK to use newspaper for packing?

The perceived way to save money was to use printed newspaper sheets to pack delicate items like glass and plates back in the day, which was acceptable. However, the ink would end up all over people's hands and clothes and sometimes even stain the items being packed on rare occasions. Blank newsprint sheets have become more commonplace and somewhat more acceptable due to the fact that printed newspapers are more and more a thing of the past and are not as readily accessible. The other item to consider is the wax coating on many circulars that appear in newspapers that can make it difficult to recycle.

What are blank newsprint sheets used for in packaging?

  • Wrapping and protecting fragile items during moving or shipping
  • Void Fill: the cushioning effect helps absorb shocks and vibrations, minimizing the risk of damage.
  • Interleaving: When stacking flat items like plates, mirrors, or artwork. Printed newsprint can stain.
  • Eco-Friendly Option: a more environmentally friendly option compared to plastic bubble wrap or foam peanuts.
  • Lightweight: Newsprint adds little weight to packages,

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