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Lock and Press Adhesive backed Reclosable Zipper Locking Envelopes

Lock and Press Adhesive

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2 Mil adhesive-backed reclosable zipper locking bags are perfect for larger documents like shipping information, job tickets, or shipments of small parts. They are also excellent for work-in-progress projects where papers are frequently removed, checked, and returned to the zipper bag. These Press-on Envelopes have a pressure-sensitive adhesive backing that sticks to most surfaces.

Loc N Press Adhesive Backed Press-On Envelope Bags

  • Zipper Locking reclosable bags with adhesive sticks to many surfaces including metal, cardboard, wood, paper, and more.
  • Press-on Zip Top Lock Bags protects its contents from moisture, dirt, and other contaminants made from sturdy 2mil poly film.
  • Press and Stick resealable plastic zip bags are a great alternative for when you need a large packing list envelopes. Lock and press adhesive shipping pouch zipper locking bags are sold in cases and are usually in stock for same day shipping.

Lock and Press Pouches

Reclosable packing envelopes are perfect for maintenance records, any work in progress job sheets or other situations where any type of information has to be removed and reinserted or retrieved frequently. These reclosable bags will stick to almost any shaped surface.

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