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Mock Up Laminated Packaging

Laminated Packaging

Ready to take your product offering to the next level? Shop our wide selection of stock and custom laminated barrier packaging bags also known as doypack and we will help you stand out among the crowded retail shelf.

Laminated films (barrier pouches) have long been a standard in food packaging for their excellent oxygen and moisture barrier qualities. In the past few years laminated packaging has migrated into all types of consumer products, mainly for the near photographic quality graphics (achieved through rotogravure printing) for presentation on the retail shelf… We call that Bagvertising!

Show your customers that you mean business - whether you're packaging coffee, pet food, vitamins, or just about anything else - International Plastics is ready to boost your product's appeal through our barrier stand up pouches, gusseted bags, flat bottom pouches, and flat pouches.

Choose Custom Laminated Packaging to Give Your Product a High End Look and Feel at a Price You'll Love!


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