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D.O.T. Harmful to Foodstuffs Label for Transportation of Hazardous Materials - Class 6

4" X 4" D.O.T. Harmful to Foodstuffs HazMat Label - Class 6

  • Stock # HML428
  • Qty/Roll 500
  • Weight 3.0 lbs

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"Harmful to Foodstuffs" Hazard Class 6 Transportation Label

Stock #: HML428

GTIN: 00631546017872

This D.O.T. Harmful to Foodstuffs label clearly identifies potential hazards like poisons in a familiar design. This 4 inch X 4 inch, Department of Transportaion shipping label conveys hazard information for containers or shipments of hazardous materials. The bright orange with black text on top cleary states "HARMFUL TO FOODSTUFFS". Flexible label stock with permanent adhesive. Printed with UV-stable ink and issuitable for indoor or outdoor use at service temperatures from -40 F to +180 F.

Poisonous material is a material, other than a gas, known to be so toxic to humans that it presents a health hazard during transportation


6.1a Toxic substances which are liable to cause death or serious injury to human health if inhaled, swallowed or by skin absorption (potassium cyanide, mercuric chloride).

\6.1b (Now PGIII) Toxic substances which are harmful to human health (N.B this symbol is no longer authorized by the United Nations) (pesticides, methylene chloride).


Height 4"
Width 4"
Size 4"h x 4"w
Wording POISON
Langauge English
Reflectivity Non-Reflective
Glow Non-Glow
Hazard Class 6 Toxic and Infectious Substances


Link for the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations for Poison D.O.T. Label


very often referred to as an Accuform brand with the part number of MSL201EV5



Division 6.1: Poisonous material is a material, other than a gas, which is known to be so toxic to humans as to afford a hazard to health during transportation, or which, in the absence of adequate data on human toxicity:

Is presumed to be toxic to humans because it falls within any one of the following categories when tested on laboratory animals (whenever possible, animal test data that has been reported in the chemical literature should be used):


Oral Toxicity: A liquid with an LD50 for acute oral toxicity of not more than 500 mg/kg or a solid with an LD50 for acute oral toxicity of not more than 200 mg/kg.

Dermal Toxicity. A material with an LD50 for acute dermal toxicity of not more than 1000 mg/kg.


Inhalation Toxicity: A dust or mist with an LC50 for acute toxicity on inhalation of not more than 10 mg/L; or a material with a saturated vapor concentration in air at 20 °C (68 °F) of more than one-fifth of the LC50 for acute toxicity on inhalation of vapors and with an LC50 for acute toxicity on inhalation of vapors of not more than 5000 ml/m3; or is an irritating material, with properties similar to tear gas, which causes extreme irritation, especially in confined spaces.


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