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Glassine bags are made of a thin, translucent paper that is moisture-resistant, making them ideal for packaging delicate or small items that require protection from moisture, dust, or fingerprints. They are commonly used in a variety of industries, including food, cosmetics, and crafting.


Glassine bags are often used for packaging food items such as cookies, candy, and chocolate because the moisture-resistant material helps to keep the contents fresh and protected. They are also commonly used in the cosmetic industry for packaging small items like lip balm, face cream, or small samples.


In the crafting industry, glassine bags are often used to package small items like buttons, beads, or stickers. The transparent nature of the bags allows the items inside to be visible, making them a popular choice for packaging and displaying items in gift shops or craft fairs.


Glassine bags come in a range of sizes and styles, including open-ended or closed bags, with or without a flap, and with or without a seal. They are a versatile and affordable packaging solution for a range of applications.

Glassine Bags are used for protecting items against grease, water, and moisture making them a popular choice for baked goods. The glassine paper is pH neutral and acid-free. These grease-proof glassine envelopes have a wax paper finish that is great for baked or fried food items.

Glassine Paper Bag Features:

  • Can be customized with a sticker or label for a more unique look. 
  • Carry greasy foods without leaking or tearing. 
  • Recyclable 

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