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The VIP Distributor Partnership Application

VIP Distributor Partnership
Thank you for taking the time to complete our Distributorship Application. After filling out this application you will be notified when your VIP account is activated for distributorship pricing.The questions below are used to familiarize International Plastics, Inc. with your distributorship business. We will carefully review your information and assign you a Distributor Partnership Level.  Afterwards, you will receive a distributor welcome package containing product samples and training materials for your sales department. We appreciate your interest in International Plastics, Inc. and look forward to a relationship of mutual prosperity and accomplishment.

The VIP Distributor Partnership Application

Sales Questions

Our Company Prints and Distributes Our Own Catalog

Purchasing Questions

What Three Product Lines Are You Most Interested In Distributing?

Which Distributor Level Can You Meet (Annual Purchases Through IP)? - Review the Distributor Qualifications

I am an Individual/Independant Wholesale Packaging Broker

My Company Stocks Poly Bags or Packaging Supplies at Our Physical Address

General Questions

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