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Custom Valve Bags

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Plastic valve bags with an R Valve style are used for microscopic powders such as talc, glitter, or other tiny particles. Plastic valve bags with a T Valve are used for such products as sand, chemical resins, animal feed, and agricultural seeds. Plastic valve bags with an open mouth are the more traditional bags used for such products as dog food. We can even produce plastic valve bags with an R Valve style that are batch inclusion/low melt bags. These particular plastic valve bags are made to melt at certain temperatures and to dissolve completely. This increases productivity and reduces worker exposure to the products themselves. Using monolayer, multi-layer and co-extruded (3 layer) films, along with various options such as micro-perforations that allow products to ``breathe``, embossing patterns to keep pallet loads secure, and anti-slip materials for greater stability and stacking.


Side bottom valve pocket Bag

Features of Plastic Valve Bags

  • Styles: R Valve, T Valve, Clean Fill and Open Mouth
  • Materials: Polyethylene and Laminated Films
  • Options: Embossed (nonskid) and Ventilation Patterns
  • Printed or Plain

Benefits of Plastic Valve Bags

  • Plastic valve bags are made using monolayer, multi-layer with anti-slip for greater stability for handling and stacking, and coextruded (three-layer) films.
  • We are able to print plastic valve bags up to 8 colors using the latest generation of equipment and technology.
  • Our plastic valve bags are made with FDA approved components.
  • Our plastic valve bags are heat sealable and available printed or plain.
  • We can run small and large volumes of plastic valve bags.

Plastic Valve Bag Styles

  • T Valve Bag
  • T Valve Ventilation Pattern Attachment
  • Open Mouth Bag with Bottom Gusset
  • Open Mouth Bag with Bottom Gusset / Incorporated Handle
  • Open Mouth Bag with Bottom Gusset Ventilation Pattern Attachment
  • Open Mouth Bag with Side Weld
  • Open Mouth Bag with Side Weld Ventilation Pattern Attachment R Valve Bag

Application uses

  • Aggregates/Stones/Minerals
  • Cement/Concrete
  • Premixes
  • Minerals
  • Landscaping Products
  • Agriculture / Feed / Seed
  • Carbon Black
  • Titanium Dioxide (TiO2)
  • Zinc Oxide
  • Limestone
  • Kaolin Clay
  • Silica Sand
  • Fertilizer

Commonly Used with the Following Equipment

  • Air Packers
  • Auger Valve Bag Fillers
  • Impeller Valve Bag Fillers
  • Gravity Valve Bag Fillers
  • Form Fill and Seal Equipment (Hamer, Premier Tech...)
  • Spiral Flow Auger Valve Bag Filler
  • Pressure Flow Air Packer
  • Paddle Flow Impeller Packer
  • Fully Automatic Valve Bag Placers
  • Spout Integrated Ultrasonic Valve Sealer
  • Gravity Valve Bag Filler
  • Plug Flow Air Packer

Industries that use Valve Bags

  • Agriculture


     Feed & nutrition

     Fertilizer (Organic / Inorganics)

     Fungus Control

     Insect control

     Pesticides & Herbicides

     Grass Seed

     Wood Pellets




     Carbon Black

     Cat Litter


     Hyrdated Lime



     Packing Compounds

     Pharmaceutical compounds


     Plastic Pellets

     Powdered additives & Pigments

     Resins / Polymers


     Safe-T-Salt (Brand name - Windsor) - Melts snow and ice

     Titanium Dioxide (TiO2)

     Zinc Oxide

    Equipment used to fill Valve Bags

     Air Packers / Air driven systems / Fore Flow

     Auger Valve Bag Systems

     Gravity Valve Bag Systems/Gravity Packer

     Impeller Valve Bag Systems (Also Called Jet Flow)

     Vacuum Packer

     Valve Bag Applicator

    Performance characteristics of different valve bags

     Low Melt (temperature resistant to 110º C or 230º F) - Batch Inclusion

     Standard (temperature resistant to 165º F)

     Hot Filling (temperature resistant to 185º F)

     High Strength (Hazardous goods)

    Bag Conversion

    Bag Ventilation

     Slow to quick venting (usually used when packaging sand, limestone, rubber, and similar products - 1/2" x 1/2" spacing and the front is offset from the back)

     Slow venting (provides a good moisture barrier & usually used when packaging fertilizer or similar products - 2" x 2" offset spacing)

     Quick and clean venting (usually used with powders - only the face of the bag is vented)

    Typical valve bag construction

     1Poly / Plastic (Quicker production than paper)

     Paper (Higher quality printing)

     Paper with liner (presents a better moisture barrier / More efficient valve / Cleaner filling)

     2-ply or 3-ply

     One or two-ply

     8"-20" widths

     4" - 6.5" side gussets (1/2" increments can be specified)

     12" - 35" length

     4 - 6 mil film thickness

  • Construction

     Bags for Play Sand

     Bags for Play Sand

     Bags for Sand

     Cement Bags

     Concrete Mixes


     Fly Ash (Used in in concrete) (Known as Pulverozed fuel ash in the UK)

     Grout Bags

     Plaster Bags


     Stucco Bags



     Crushed Stone


     Lava Rock Bags


     Pea Gravel

     River Stone


     Silica Sand

    Classification according to the particular size of the product

     >100 mesh (Very Fine = example would be portland cement)

     100 mesh to 1/8" (Fine = example would be sand & sugar)

     1/8" to 1/2" size (Granular = example would be granulated limestone or pea gravel)

     > 1/2" (Lumpy = example would be stones)

     Fibrous Products





    Industrial Minerals







     Kaolin Clay


    Variables at play in valve bag production

     Valve geometry

     Sizes of bag

     Proper air evacuation


    Types of Valves

     Block Style (AKA: T-Valve)

     Pillow Style (AKA: R-valve - Ideal for granular products or pellets, fertilizers, food, construction industry aggregates, plastic resins, and powder paints.)

     Clean Fill (AKA: B-valve)

     Open Fill Bag (Ideal for fine powders, pellets, grains, food blends, specialized chemical products.)

     Clean Fill Bag (Ideal for powders, grains, pellets, food, chemical products, and construction materials.)


     Usually 2-3 spot colors, but more is possible.

  • Dry Food Products

     Baking Mixes

     Bird Seed

     Cat Food


     Consumer Goods

     Dairy (i.e.: Milk Powder)

     Dietary Supplements

     Dog Food

     Farm Feed


     Food Blends



      Flour Mill

      Pet Food

      Prepared Food


     Rabbit Food









    Variables for consideration when bags are being filled with your product



     Operator training



     Pasted valve

Custom Printed Valve Bag

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