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Bubble Mailers

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Kraft Paper Bubble Mailers

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White Polyethylene Bubble Mailers

White 4x8 bubble lined poly mailers

Stock#: PMB0408




  / Case of 500

5 x 10 Bubble Poly Mailers

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White Number 2 8.5x12 bubble lined poly mailers Bulk

Stock#: PMB0812




  / Case of 100

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Bubble Mailers
Simply insert merchandise, pull away the protective covering to expose the adhesive strip, and Self Seal the Bubble Mailer Envelope. Made exactly like the Bubble Heat Seal Mailer Envelopes, except these envelopes have the convenience of a self-seal lip. These mailers feature a 3/16" high slip bubble lining for easy insertion of contents or products. The peel-and-stick lip provides a secure, tamper-evident closure every time. No packaging tape, heat sealer, or staples are required to close these mailers.

3 Self-Seal Envelope styles available

Bubble mailers can be a good choice for shipping certain types of items, depending on their size, weight, fragility, and other factors. Here are some situations where bubble mailers can be a good choice:

  • Shipping small or lightweight items: Bubble mailers are lightweight and compact, making them ideal for shipping small or lightweight items, such as jewelry, electronics, or accessories. They can be a more cost-effective option than using a larger box or parcel.
  • Shipping fragile items: Bubble mailers have a cushioned interior with air-filled bubbles that help protect delicate or fragile items from damage during transit. This makes them a good choice for shipping items such as glassware, ceramics, or other delicate items that could be easily damaged in transit.
  • Shipping items that require some padding: Bubble mailers can also be a good choice for shipping items that require some padding or protection during shipping, such as books, documents, or photographs.
  • Shipping items that don't require a large box: For smaller items, a bubble mailer can be a better option than using a larger box or parcel, as it provides enough protection and cushioning while taking up less space.
  • Shipping items that are easy to pack: Bubble mailers are easy to use and can be packed quickly, making them a good choice for shipping items that are not too complex or difficult to pack.

Overall, bubble mailers can be a good choice for shipping small, lightweight, and fragile items, as well as items that don't require a large box or parcel. However, it's important to consider the specific needs of the items being shipped and choose the appropriate packaging material to ensure they arrive safely and undamaged.

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