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How much does flexible packaging cost?

APR 05, 2024 • BY ROGER •

How much does flexible packaging cost?

Understanding Base Price

The initial cost of a product may seem reasonable, but some businesses use deceptive tactics to make their prices appear more attractive. They advertise a low base price, but then add a high shipping fee at the end of the purchase process. This way, customers are already invested in the product and may go ahead with the purchase despite the added cost. It's important to be aware of this tactic and always check the total cost of a product before making a purchase.

The Significance of Shipping Costs

Determining shipping costs for any product may seem straightforward, but there are several factors to consider. While most people think of the weight of the product and the distance it is being shipped as the primary factors, the volume of the product has become increasingly important in recent years. This volume is often referred to as the "Dim Weight" of the product and is calculated based on the height, length, and depth of the product, as well as its weight. Once the Dim Weight is determined, the shipping cost is calculated by taking into account the distance the product needs to be shipped.

Navigating Taxes and Duties

Determining taxes is a common cost that most people are familiar with. When we make a purchase, we usually see a line for local taxes at the bottom of our receipt. However, there are certain variables to consider, such as non-profit organizations. Companies like International Plastics have invested a considerable amount of time and resources in state-of-the-art programs to provide instant feedback to their customers and ensure that they are charged the appropriate amount.


Taking into account the three factors of base price, shipping cost, and taxes is essential when considering the purchase of flexible packaging products. By doing so, you will have the necessary tools to make an informed decision when buying the product you need.

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