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6" x 2 1/4" x 13" Heavy Duty Cello Bags

6x13 Heavy Duty Cellophane Bags

  • Stock #: CE0015
  • Weight: 17.8 lbs
  • Qty/Case: 1000

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6 x 2.25 x 13 Heavy Duty Cellophane Bags

Stock #: CE0015

These 6 x 2.25 x 13 Cellophane Bags are authentic cellophane bags.


These cello bags are heat-sealable, resistant to oils and greases, are anti-static, and have a good barrier to water vapor, gases and aromas.


Our 6 x 2-1/4 x 13 #140 Cello Bags are heavy weight and are perfect for many types of applications like for storing candy and baked goods. These Gusseted Cellophane Bags are used for presentation and perserving your products, 1000 per case.


    • Food Contact: Cellophane® MST is suitable for most applications involving direct contact with foodstuffs. Nitrocellulose coated films are manufactured to meet current food contact regulations relating to regenerated cellulose films, including FDA regulation 21 CFR 177.1200.


  • Film Storage: Cellophane® MST should be stored in its original wrapping away from any source of local heating or direct sunlight at temperatures between 60-75°F and at a relative humidity of 35-55%. Cellophane® MST is suitable for use for 6 months from the date of delivery, and stocks should be used in rotation.

6 x 2.25 x 13 Heavy Duty Cellophane Bags Specifications

  • Type: Gusseted Cellophane Bags
  • Material: Cellophane is made up of regenerated cellulose film (RCF), coated on both sides with nitrocellulose by a solvent process
  • Color: Clear
  • Width: 6 inches
  • Side Gusset: 2.25 inches
  • Height: 13 inches
  • Recyclable: Yes

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