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24' x 120' Boat Shrink Wrap

24' x 120' Shrink Wrap Boat Film

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24 ft x 120 ft Boat Shrink Wrap Film

Stock #: SWB0724120-W

White Shrink Wrap Boat Film 24' x 120' 7 Mil high quality, heavy duty boat wrap is the ideal solution for winterizing your boat or other heavy machinery. Boat Shrink Wrap, made from a blend of Low-Density Polyethylene with a UVI additive, protects your boat or industrial machinery during storage through the winter months. 24' x 120' 7 Mil Shrink Wrap for Boats is an ultra-tough marine film which provides UVI, wind, and physical protection.

Boat Shrink Wrap Film Specifications

  • Type: Shrink Wrap Boat Film
  • Width: 24'
  • Length: 120 '
  • Thickness: 7 mil
  • Recyclable: Yes

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