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18" Make-A-Box - Corrugated Shippers - 25' roll

18 inch Make-A-Box

  • Stock #: MAB18025
  • Weight: 3.0 lbs
  • Qty/Roll: 25'

Fully Customize This Item Fully Customize This Item

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18" x 25' Self-Adhesive Make-A-Box

18 inch Cohesive Singleface Rolls for making Custom Shippers

Stock #: MAB18025

EAN: 0631546000966

Make your own 18 inch "custom flat box" without tape or glue. Use with non-fragile items.

Stretch out the length of box that you would like to make, then wrap your product and seal.

  • Cold seal cohesive singleface sticks to itself - not to your products.
  • Place product on singleface, wrap and seal by pressing singleface together.

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