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VCI Products

Stock VCI Poly Products are ready for same-day shipping providing you convenient and proven protection against corrosion damage to metals for shipping and storage. We have flat and gusseted VCI bags available with ferrous, non-ferrous and multimetal protection and VCI Film, Zerust®/Excor® ICT® VCI Tubing and VCI Kraft Paper as well. We also can help you with printing for Custom VCI Stretch Film and Bags.

International Plastics is a supplier of Zerust VCI Bags and Filmproducts

We are a manufacturer, direct importer, and wholesale supplier of flat poly bags and gusseted poly bags. We offer a full range of standard and Zerust Excor VCI Products. Choose your style or application below.

    • Custom VCI Products

  • We have not stopped at the standard VCI products. We also offer a full range of Zerust Excor VCI Products and customizable options.