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Super Heavy Duty Grey Trash Bags

Super Heavy Duty 1.1 Mil Gray Trash Bags

Super Heavy Duty 1.1 Mil Gray Trash Bags with a star sealed bottom seal offer a cheap and economical way to protect your cans. Ready for immediate delivery at bulk discounts and wholesale prices. Heavy duty Gray trash bags are perfect when Black or Clear just won't do.

  • Made from the highest quality raw materials
  • Mineral reinforced to enhance physical properties
  • Performance bottom seal resists leakage
  • Top-side dual dispensing box
  • Reliable, consistent quality
  Trash Bag Selector by Can Style

Super Heavy Duty Grey

Sku #
30 x 36 20-30 Gallons
33 x 39 33 Gallons
38 x 58 60 Gallons
40 x 46 40-45 Gallons
43 x 47 56 Gallons
Gallon Size to Load Bearing Weight Chart
Size Mil Thickness Gallon Load (Dry Weight in lbs.)


30 x 36 1.1 20-30 65
33 x 39 1.1 33 65
38 x 58 1.1 60 65
40 x 46 1.1 40-45 65
43 x 47 1.1 40-45 65
43 x 47 2 56 65

Linear Low Density Trash Bags

LLDP trash bags are often thicker than HDPE and they offer good tensile strength, but less tensile strength than HDPE. LLDPE offers better puncture imperiousness when compared to HDPE. This poly also has a more delicate feel than HDPE. LLDPE is ideal for small trash cans and heavy duty bags are great for more rigorous applications such as yard refuse bags and industrial or organizational waste. This material is also an cost effective means for larger refuse bins with trash that has sharp edges but is not to weighty.

High Density Trash Bag

HDPE refuse can liners are a hardy, lean, substance that are non-translucent in impression. This material has superb tensile strength but can be punctured by angular items easier than other similar materials. It is perfect for use in areas where sharp corners don't play a large part of the refuse going into the refuse can. The smaller sizes are ideal for office use. The trash bags with the larger dimensions, that have increased density as compared to the smaller sizes, are superb for more bulky loads that don't have to many sharp items. Our in-stock HDPE liners are star sealed for extra security and are on space saving core-less rolls.

Heathcare Specialty Bags

The health care industry uses many different bags for all of the different needs and requirements that they have. The multiple film colors that we offer help meet those needs. Maybe a Blue bag with the print "Soiled Linen", Or a Red bag with the wording "Infectious Waste" with a Biohazard symbol, perhaps a yellow can liner with the print "Infectious Linen" or maybe the hard to find economical "Danger - Infectious Waste" red can liner is what you are in need of. Look no further. Even if your needs call for a custom Bio-hazard bag, International Plastics can make that happen.

Common Cans

Regular Waste Basket

Round Base


Half Round

Slim Jim

Round Brute


King Khan

Special Cans

Janitorial Cart


Steel Combo

Round Waste Basket


Round Top

Ash Tray



Liner Cart




Big Wheel

Square Brut


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