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3 Mil Zip Locking Cellular Bubble Cushion Static-Shield Pouch

Zipper Locking Bubble Cushion Static-Shield Pouch - Seco 77

A multi-layered Static Shielding bubble cushion zipper locking pouch that absorbs shock and dampens vibration. A yellow caution label warns that the contents are subject to Static Electricity damage. Our Seco Pack 77 has an Anti-Static dissipative inner liner with an Amine-free static dissipative cellular cushioning. It also comes with a Double Track Static dissipative zipper lock. They are highly reusable and durable. The Seco Pack 77 is also coated with Metallized E.S.D Shielding. Meets Mil Spec PPP-C-795C.

SECO PACK 77 3 Mil Zip Top Reclosable Cellular Bubble Cushion Static-Shield Pouch

SECO PACK 77 pouch construction

Heavy duty multi-layer Static Shielding cushion provides faraday cage for RFI protection with ESD Safecell cushioning. Inner layer of E.S.D protection and a press seal zipper closure.

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Electrical Properties:

  Test Method Anti Static Values  
Static Decay Rate FTMS 101C Method 4046.1  
Surface Resistivity ASTM-D-267/ESD S11.31  
Physical Properties:      
  Test Method Unit of Measure Typical Values
Color   Silver  
Thickness   .0031  
Yield   sq in/lb(+/-5%) 8750
Tensil Strength ASTM D882-83 Method A psi MD 6500
    psi MD 790
Tear Strength (Notched) ASTM D 1004-66 lbs  
  MD   3.0
  TD   2.5
Burst Strength FTMS 191 C Method 6122 psi 70
Puncture Strength FTMS 101 C Method 2065.1 lbs 2.5
Heat Seal Strength ASTM D 1876-72 lbs/width >10
M.V.T.R ASTMF F1249 gms @100° /90% >16
    R.H./100 inĀ² /24 hrs .35
The value shown above were based upon the information supplied to International Plastics. Products users should make his or her own test to determine the suitability of the information and conclusions therein. No salesperson, representative or agent of International Plastics is authorized to give any guarantee, warranty or make any representation contrary to the above.
static cushion pouch

seco ppp-c-795c

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