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Replace the old style of packaging with new innovative and eco-friendly packaging and flexible pouches. We offer several styles of Stand-up Pouches at Wholesale Prices such as: Laminated Zipper Bags, Coffee Bags/Pouches, Foil Stand Up Bags, Rice Paper Pouches, Window Pouches, Retort Pouches, and Kraft Stand Up Pouches. These pouches are FDA approved for food contact. Stand-up Pouches are often called Doypack bags or pouches.

For larger scale packaging, there are a range of filling machine types for filling stand-up pouches and side gusset bags. Learn more here: How to Fill and Seal a Stand-Up Pouch

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Fill and Seal Machine Laminated Pouch

How to Fill and Seal Stand Up Pouches

The most common way to fill stand up pouches and side gusset bags with products is by adding the product by hand or with a common kitchen utensil like a spoon or a funnel. Then the pouch can be sealed with a constant heat sealer or a vacuum sealer.

For a larger scale production, there are a range of types of filling machines for filling stand up pouches and side gusset bags with foods, liquids, beverages, coffee beans and many other food and non-food items. Roll stock film is also used for form, fill and seal (FFS) machines.

The process for filling and sealing laminated pouches is different for each product and can also change due to manufacturer specifications. The fill nozzle for instance may be different for packaging liquids compared to packaging coffee beans. The process of opening the mouth of the pouch and then filling and sealing it may use different machines or may be different functions of the same machine. To be sure, you should know what kind of machine that you will use before deciding on the type of film or pouch that you would like to design.

Automated machines for Stand-up Pouches usually have a conveyor belt with a mechanical arm that picks up the stand up pouches from a large container. A series of pouches travel on the conveyor belt, then an automated robotic arm opens the mouth of the pouch. This opened pouch is ready to accept the product. After moving down the line, the pouch with the opened mouth is filled by a nozzle which pumps a liquid or a solid product into it. Once filled, the pouch is sent to be sealed as part of the machine or to a separate sealing machine which heat seals the pouch to make it ready for packaging and shipping. All of this is an automated process.

An automated Form, Fill and Seal machine uses roll stock film, but other specially designed machines can fill and seal a pre-made stand up pouch like the one pictured to the left.

The different types of roll stock film machines are Form, Fill and Seal (FFS) Machines, which form a pouch from rollstock films and even get filled and sealed in the same machine. The Vertical Form-Fill-Seal (VFFS) and Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal (HFFS) are two types of FFS machines.

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