Pink 4 Mil Minigrip Static Guard Reclosable Bags

Pink Static Guard Reclosable Bags

Minigrip Pink Anti Static Reclosable Bags - 4 Mil Static-Guard

Use our 4 mil anti-static reclosable bags when ESD protection is paramount. Many businesses trust our Minigrip pink .004 mil Static Guard poly bags. These 4 mil anti-static plastic reclosable bags can help avoid even minimal exposure to static electricity that can damage electronic parts, circuit boards, and other devices. Creating an ESD barrier static travels around the bag and dissipates it charge before it can damage your valuable components. Our wholesale reclosable anti-static bags are made with durable 4 mil polyethylene to withstand even items with pointed edges.

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Features & Benefits of MiniGrip Reclosable Anit-Static Bags

The Static Guard bag features the trusted red Color Line on the lip of each anti-static bag, your assurance of the highest quality bag in the world—bag after bag after bag. These reclosable poly bags diffuse charges of static electricity (up to 5,000 volts) within two seconds. Meets the requirements of MIL-PRF-81705D, Type II and EIA Standard 541, Packaging Material Standards for ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) Sensitive Items, have been verified by testing. Locks securely, protecting contents from dust and moisture. Features unique premium zipper for easy open/close each and every time. These zipper bags feature sturdy 4-mil gauge protection for superior strength and multiple uses. They provide easy product inspection and identification with transparent pink color. Also available in other colors in custom orders.

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