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1.5 Mil Clear Poly Tubing On Rolls

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Poly Tubing 1.5 Mil

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1.5 Mil Clear Poly Tubing
1.5Mil Poly Tubing is the key to packaging odd-size items, long cylinders, or extra large objects. Just slip the length or tubing over the item you're packaging and seal both ends with an Impulse Bag Sealer or Closure to give your product a custom fit every time. .0015 Poly Tubing on Rolls is made from 100% Virgin LDPE Low-Density Polyethylene Resin which meets FDA / USDA specifications for food contact.

1.5 Mil Clear Poly Tubing on rolls is a popular choice for packaging for several reasons:

  • Versatility: Clear poly tubing is versatile enough to suit various product dimensions and contours. The fact that it may be trimmed to any desired length gives it a degree of versatility that pre-made bags or sleeves might not be able to match. Because of its adaptability, it may be used for packaging objects of a wide range of sizes.
  • Visibility: The clarity of clear poly tubing makes it possible for the contents to be seen clearly, which is an essential quality for packaging products that will be displayed in a retail environment. The shopping experience for the consumer is improved, and the likelihood of making a purchase is increased when the product can be viewed without having first to remove it from its package.
  • Protection: It gives defense against a variety of environmental elements, including dust, grime, dampness, and others. This is essential for maintaining the products' cleanliness and intactness while being stored, transported, and shown. Additionally, it can act as a shield against light trauma caused by direct contact.
  • Customization: The use of clear poly tubing enables quick and straightforward customization. It is possible to cut it to the precise length required for each item, which helps avoid waste and guarantees a good fit. In addition, you can build bags or sleeves of a bespoke size by using heat sealers or other techniques to close either one of the ends of the tubing or both of the ends.
  • Cost-Effective: Because poly tubing can be customized to meet the precise requirements of a product, it is frequently a more cost-effective packaging option than pre-made bags. This helps to reduce the amount of trash produced by the material and may result in cost savings over time.
  • Durability: Even though it only has a thickness of 1.5 mils, it can still offer sufficient protection for various products. It is possible to use thicker poly tubing for heavier or more fragile objects; nonetheless, 1.5 mil tubing can be used successfully for multiple commodities.
  • Ease of Use: It is simple to work with, particularly when utilizing a heat sealer. Because of this, it is an option suitable for both little organizations and more extensive operations.
  • Food-Safe Options: Some clear poly tubing may help pack food products, depending on the manufacturer and specifications. If you plan to use it as food packaging, verify that it complies with all applicable regulations and standards.

1.5 mil clear poly tubing on rolls is an adaptable packaging solution that is cost-effective, adjustable, and offers good visibility and protection for a wide variety of items. The fact that it is flexible and simple to work with makes it an excellent option for many different packaging requirements, and the fact that it is transparent can improve the presentation of products to potential buyers.

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