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Invoice Enclosed Envelopes
Do you include invoices with your shipment? By using invoice enclosed packing list envelopes you can be assured these important papers are received by the recipient of your package. Printed on high visibility orange backgrounds including a full face print with invoice enclosed clearly marked.

Invoice Enclosed Envelope Features:

A distinctive kind of clear packing list envelope designated for holding and safeguarding invoices throughout shipping and handling is a packing envelope with the words "Invoice Included" printed on it. To alert the receiver that important documents are attached and should be carefully studied, the words "Invoice Enclosed" are placed on the front of the envelope.

These envelopes are often composed of clear plastic, which protects them during shipment from moisture, dirt, and other potential risks. They are readily affixed to the outside of a shipment or shipping container thanks to the adhesive coating on their backs.

The size of the invoice or other attached papers may determine the various sizes of the envelope.

Businesses who ship products with invoices or other relevant documentation can find packing envelopes with the phrase "Invoice Included" printed on them very helpful. They can guard the documents against damage during shipping and handling while also ensuring that it is readily visible and accessible to the receiver. Businesses who need to transport invoices and other crucial documentation with their products can use PLEs, or packing list envelopes, with the phrase "Invoice Included" printed on them.

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