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Clear Packing List Envelopes

Clear Packing List Envelopes

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Clear Packing List Envelopes

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Packing slips, invoices, and customs declarations are examples of shipping documents that are frequently attached to the outside of a package using clear packing list envelopes in logistics and shipping. These are made to keep the documents dry and undamaged during shipping while also enabling easy reading and identification.


Clear packing list envelopes are especially helpful when several parcels are being shipped together since they make it simple to identify the contents of each shipment. They are also frequently used in cross-border shipment since they can speed up the procedure for customs clearance by including crucial paperwork right on the outside of the package.


Clear packing list envelopes are available in a range of sizes to suit various document sizes and packaging needs. They can be fastened to the outside of a package because of the self-adhesive backing.


Clear packing list envelopes are a crucial tool for companies and logistics providers who need to guarantee accurate and timely transportation and documentation of their goods.

Externally mount documents to your shipments for your package handlers. Clear packing list envelopes can be used with documents such as pick lists, invoices, warranty information, operating instructions, wiring diagrams, manifest logs, and more. Note: Envelopes photographed with different paper backing. All envelopes are clear plastic.

Packing Slip Pouch Features:

  • FedEx, USPS, and UPS approved. 
  • Sticks to all container types. 
  • Multiple loading types: Front-loading, side-loading, back-loading. 

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