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Plastic Bags Evil? Think Again, Some Scientists Say

3 reasons to do packaging business with International Plastics
You only get one opportunity to make a first impression. Want picture quality with a four color process customized art on your bag? Don’t let your brand suffer. Got a trade show coming up? Need your brand logo printed first? What about a new product launch? The flexographic industry standard is 4 weeks.

4 Considerations for Choosing a Laminated Stand-Up Pouch
Laminated, stand-up pouches are a stylish and secure method of storing and displaying products. Color options, size, and different lamination additives can allow for customization and creativity. Not sure how to determine what pouch your product requires? Determining your packaging criteria always starts with identifying the main need of your product. Listed below

Listed below are 4 considerations::Brand Recognition – The primary focus for a pouch in this category is brand recognition. Do you have a product that you think will warrant repeat purchases? Is this a common product that will be displayed alongside competitors’ similar products? You might consider pushing your brand by customizing a certain look and feel for your packaging, so customers can easily recognize and select your product.Promote and Sell

US Sets Record For Plastic Bag Recycling

There is nothing typical about a container arriving from overseas.Once a customer’s packaging order has been completed, packaged and transported to the nearest seaport, what happens and what could possibly go wrong?The plant will issue an invoice for the container load of goods which includes “SHIPPING ADVICE.” This is nothing more than a notice sent

Plastics News - "Companies should keep an eye on end-of-life-products"
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