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The Truth About "Free Shipping"

Does “free Shipping” really save you money? Many online stores and giant resellers offer “free shipping” as a way to make customers perceive they are receiving value for purchasing from them…but is it really free?

“Free Shipping” most always means raising the item cost to cover the freight charges, which means you actually spend more in the long run. At International Plastics we do our best to offer the lowest possible price per item. In order to do this we don’t hide the shipping cost allowing you to buy more for less! See examples below of how our prices helped a customer even when our competitor offered “Free Shipping”.

While we do charge shipping on items, you’ll find that we have our “Low Price Guarantee” giving you the best deals online* plus we do sometimes have special free-shipping offers! Additionally, International Plastics offers reduced shipping costs when you buy in bulk, allowing you to cut costs even further by buying everything your business needs in one easy purchase. When you shop please keep this in mind and if by chance you find a lower price on the total order (product + shipping) we will certainly meet it or beat it!

Amazon with "Free Shipping" vs InterPlas with Shipping

Same Quality • Same Size • Same Quantity

Amazon's "Free Shipping"

International Plastics with Shipping Rates

We will meet or beat any competitor’s delivered price!

We continually compare prices throughout the packaging industry, and we are confident that our poly bag and packaging product prices are the best you will find. Some competitors like Amazon offer Free Freight but the freight costs are padded back into the price of the product. Knowing freight costs (out of our control) is a large percentage of the cost, especially on smaller orders, we want to make sure you get the best TOTAL price for your order. That is why we are now extending our original LOW price Guarantee to a NEW TOTAL Low Price Guarantee. We will meet or beat any TOTAL order pice for same product and quantity.*

If by chance you find a lower TOTAL (product, freight, any handling charges, etc.) price on a comparable product, please let us know. We will meet or beat any competitor’s price, guaranteed!

*The fine print: Just e-mail, mail, or fax us a copy of the competitor’s page showing the item price, freight costs, etc. Prices must appear in a national competitor’s current published catalog, sales flyer, or website and must be recent and not a printing error. Any prices from a web site must be from a legitimate “brick and mortar” company and not just a virtual store front. Item must be similar in size, thickness, quality, and quantities must be equal. Guarantee excludes discontinued and closeout items. Not all products are efficient to ship and therefore do not qualify for this offer, this includes bubble, foam, some boxes and pallets. We reserve the right to limit quantities, and choose shipping method.

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