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Dumpster Liners

Dumpster Liners

Dumpster liners are plastic liners for roll off containers. We combine our expert knowledge of plastic liners and packaging with industry need to provide the appropriate material to protect your bottom line and keep your dumpsters clean from unwanted waste excess.

Dumpster Liner Bags

  • Packaged one dumpster liner per roll on a 1.5" core
  • Comes in Black or Opaque
  • Quicker to install than a folded liner 4 Simple Steps for Installing Your New Dumpster Liners
  • Available in 20, 30 & 40-50 yard with 3 - 6 mil thicknesses
  • Designed to form fit with high quality polyethylene
  • Can also be used in rail gondalas, lugger boxes and end dump trailers
  • Provides excellent leak protection and minimizes dust while extending container life
  • Helps meet regulation for security during transport
  • Helps with odor control and freeze control
  • Save Big on Pallet Quantities for Roll Off Dumpster Liners

4 Simple Steps for Installing Your New Dumpster Liners

Step 1

Place the roll at the top of your container and allow some of the liner to drape over the outside wall and drop the roll from the top into the container and let it roll itself from the top, to the bottom and across to the other end of the container.

Step 2

Unfold the liner so that the center-fold of the liner is lined up with the center of the wall of the container. From the center, grab the top layer of the liner and secure it over the corner of the container. Being careful not to tear your liner, pull some from the inside of the container to secure the top layer of the liner.

Step 3

Now that the top layer is secured, continue to pull the top layer out and over the remaining sidewall of the container. Continue until the entire perimeter is covered.

Step 4

Secure your liner using the hooks on the inside or outside of your container, depending on your particular container.

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