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Drum Cap Sheets

Drum Cap Sheets and Poly Disc Lid Liners

Plastic Drum Cover Sheets and Lid Liners

Drum Cap Sheets come perforated on a roll for easy dispensing. After you've inserted a drum liner, completely seal off contents with a plastic poly cap sheet. Poly disc lid liner covers are loose packed for quick dispensing. Cap Sheets keep contents from coming in contact with the metal lid, preventing contamination. Available in both 2 mil and 4 mil. See all drum liners

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Cap Sheets

Sku #
30 x 30 .002 Drum Cap Sheets
34 x 34 .002 Drum Cap Sheets

Poly Disc Drum Cover

Sku #
10.25" 4 Mil Poly Disc Pail Covers
14" 4 Mil Poly Disc Bucket Covers
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