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Diagraph GP-X Classic Markers - Yellow

Grizzly Marker yellow

  • Stock #: DG-971501
  • Weight: 1.00 lbs
  • Qty/Case: 3
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GP-X Grizzly Diagraph Markers

Stock #: DG-971501

When only the widest, huskiest mark will do, let a Grizzly take control! Think of it as a GP-X Classic, but wider.. and wilder! Leave your mark with this ferocious marker that's available in 6 vivid colors.

DiagraphMSP GP-X Markers

  • Valve-Action markers allow control of paint flow while keeping the paint in the barrel from drying-out when the cap is off.
  • Replaceable tips extend the life of your markers.
  • Clearly marks on dark or light surfaces.
  • Great for metal, wood, corrugated, rubber, plastic, glass and other hard to mark surfaces.
  • Safe for most porous & non-porous surfaces.

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