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Our Custom Manufacturing Process

Need custom printed Promotional Bags for Trade Shows to promote your company and or product? Are you looking for Holiday Shopping Bags or Customize Pre-Printed Halloween Bags? Then you've come to the right place! We can customize a Promotional Trade Show bag to fit your exact needs. Print your logo and company information in up to 6 colors. Spot colors PMS colors or even full-color process print is available! Just choose your size, bag style and send us your art. Get started now by filling out our Fast Quote Form or contacting one of our Trade Show Bag Experts. Plastic convention bags to promote your business. Custom plastic conference bags in a rush is our specialty!

A "Walking Billboard" or Making the Most of a Plastic Tradeshow Bag

Promoting your business Plastic Trade Show bags can be a very lucrative and important tool for your product or business. Custom printing on an Expo Bag can get your company name recognized out in the marketplace and most likely bring you new business or reinforce your brand and remind existing customers of your company. The various types of personalized plastic bags we manufacture can offer something to your customers that they are unlikely to forget.

Custom-Printed Convention Bags have a wide variety of uses, making them very versatile and helpful to your overall business. Think of the following when choosing the most relevant Promotional plastic bag for you:

1. Have custom plastic trade show bags made for your next trade show or conference.

2. When a potential client or business visits your workplace, hand out your company info on your custom branded plastic trade show bag.

3. Offer free product samples, giveaways, or SWAG in your retail store that are placed inside custom-printed plastic retail merchandise bags.

Stock up on your Custom Printed Conference Bags for your next event. Conferences and trade shows are full of take-with-you gifts and company information. You need to stand out in the crowd. Make your handouts stand out by offering them in your own personalized plastic bag. This way your competitors' giveaways will go inside of YOUR company's bag. When attendees sift through everything they got, they won't soon forget about your business because they will be reminded of you just from the bag.

Put company information inside customized plastic promotional bags - don't just hand potential clients a stack of company information. Give it to them inside a personalized plastic bag. The plastic bag will not only keep all of your valuable company info in one place for your potential client but it will certainly be more convenient for them. The promo bag by itself will serve as another reinforcement of your company and what you are offering.

Hand out samples and giveaways inside plastic tradeshow bags with your company logo and brand identity.

To get a personalized Trade Show bag, you can design your own artwork, hire a graphic designer, or have International Plastics' design team work with you for free! 2 hours of art time is included with your order!

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