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Custom Printed Poly Mailer Frequently Asked Questions

What are Poly Mailers?

Poly mailers are a lightweight, and easy to ship alternative to packing boxes poly mailers are flexible self-sealing polyethylene (KDPE) envelopes that are ideal for shipping apparel t-shirts and non-fragile items. Get Quote

What are some benefits of using custom poly mailers?

Online and brick and mortar businesses benefit from shipping products to customs using poly mailers because when it comes to your shipping cost as a business, weight matters. Lightweight poly mailers reduce your shipping costs as a merchant so you can offer more competitive pricing to your customers. Here are some additional benefits of using a custom poly mailer for shipping orders to customers. 

  • Typically, cheaper to purchase than Kraft or corrugated shipping solutions
  • Weatherproof and prevent water damage.
  • Very thin, so they take up less storage space than boxes.
  • Durable and don’t easily get torn.
  • Sometimes reusable, depending on how they are designed.

Why Use Custom Printed Poly Mailers?

Using a custom printed poly mailers offer many types of business such as High-end luxury items, health, and wellness, beauty products such as skin or hair care, art, jewelry, home goods, clothing such as t-shirts, pants, and digital products such as CD’s and video games an opportunity to increase brand awareness. For some types of businesses such as e-commerce the only touchpoint you have with your customers is the packaging, you ship orders in. By customizing poly shipping mailers with your logo, brand name, message, instructions, and more you increase the likelihood of a customer remembering your brand because after all branding often is a function of repetition. How is how a custom printed poly mailer can help grow your business? Get Quote

  • 66% of people believe that the packing of online purchases reflects how much the business cares about their order and them.
  • 52% of online customers are likely to be repeat customers because of thoughtful packaging.
  • 51% of online customers feel the custom printed packaging reflects the value and quality of the product.
  • 42% of online customers say they are very likely to notice custom packaging.
  • 40% of online customers say they are more likely to share a picture or video because of custom packaging.
  • 38% of online customers say they would consider purchasing from a competitor because of a damaged shipment.
  • Research is done by Harris Poll and Shorr packaging corp

What can I ship in a Poly Mailer?

Poly mailers are Ideal for shipping apparel, t-shirts, and non-fragile items. Lightweight and inexpensive to ship, our poly mailers are tear-resistant.

What size do I need?

Poly mailers with custom print are Ideal for shipping apparel, t-shirts, soft goods, non-fragile items, and many other things. The first thing you need to do when getting custom printed poly mailers is to determine the right size to be printed on.

A common method used to determine the correct size is to place the item being shipped on top of the mailer. If the item does not go outside of the poly mailer’s length or width, then you might assume this is the correct size. Well, this method does not always work because most items have a third dimension.

To find the right size poly mailer you will need to do more than eyeballing the shape and size of the item to be shipped. Below you will find a chart with items frequently shipped with mailers. Also, you can use our “Poly Mailer Size Calculator” to find the right size. Simply measure the items, width, length, and depth and our poly mailer size calculator will give you the minimum size you need. 

  • Minimum Size Poly Mailer Needed:

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