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  • Custom Printed 2 Color Lip and Tape Mailer with Bill of Lading Pocket
  • Lip and Tape Poly Bag Custom Printed

    One side of the bag is longer than the other, which allows the bag to be opened more easily. Choosing permanent adhesive tape for your bag allows the end user to close the envelope bag securely.


    The permanent style tape is for tamper evident poly bags. Once the poly bag is sealed permanently, in order to open the poly bag and retrieve the contents, the envelope must be torn, ripped, tampered with or some other structural damage must occur, which makes it evident that the lip and tape poly bag was tampered with.


    The resealable style tape is available in a "merchandise" or "retail" version, where the poly bag is expected to be open and resealed a limited number of times. Our Custom Lip and Tape Poly Bags are also available in a more substantial "courier" version, where the re-closing activity is expected to occur quite a few times. Both styles are available in many different widths of tape and liner. Communicating your specific application to our International Plastics customer service personnel can guide you to the best Custom Printed Lip and tape Poly Bag to get the best performance at the lowest guaranteed price.

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Lip and Tape Poly Bag Custom Printed

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