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Custom Bottom Seal Poly Bag

Bottom Seal Poly Bag Custom Printed

Bags are cut individually from seamless tubing and sealed at the bottom. Available in flat or side gusset bags. This style offers the strongest seal available and is suggested for heavy-duty use.

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Layflat Bag Capabilities

  • Plastic Film Thickness - 0.75 to 8
  • Bag width dimension range - 4" to 54"
  • Bag length dimension range - 8" to 60

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Custom Poly Bags Bottom Seal

All custom-made products involve many production variables.
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When it comes to making a mulch bag perform and store at its optimum, there are many customizable options to choose from, like pinhole vents that allow air to be released as it is being filled and once sealed. This is very often seen in mulch or topsoil bottom seal plastic bags.

Quite a few landscaping bags, like fertilizer bags & compost bags, are made with puncture-resistant poly film and UVI inks to brand your product and protect the bag during outdoor storage.

Common sizes of custom mulch bags, custom topsoil bags, and any other landscape bags:

We also take pride in being your source for custom fertilizer bags, custom manure bags, custom river stone bags, and any other bags related to the landscaping industry.

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