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  • Carton Sealing Tape

    Interplas offers a full line of high performance, consistently reliable carton sealing systems. Delivering quality to keep your line moving and ensure your packages are sealed on arrival. Sekisui Tape STA, Intertape and Tape Logic are some of the brands that compliment our growing brand of Interplas Tape.




Tape Usage Guide

Which carton sealing tape should I use?

Application Temperature
32º F to 140º F
45º F to 120º F
Operating Temperature -10º F to 200º F -10º F to 140º F
Resistance to Aging Excellent Poor
Inventory Shelf Life Excellent Fair
Clarity Excellent Good
Resistance to Light Excellent Fair

Which Packing Tape Should I use?

48 mm Tape Width

Box Weight Box Length + Width + Height
0" 20" 40" 60" 80" 100"

65-90 LBS.


50-65 LBS.


35-50 LBS.

250H  260A
20-35 LBS.

160A  180A  190H  200A

0-20 LBS.

160A  160H

Packing Tape Width Guide

72 MM - approximately 3"

  • For Boxes over 16 inches wide
  • Dificul to adhere surfaces
  • Boxes where flaps / lids do not meet
  • Under / Over filled boxes

48 MM - approximately 2"

  • Boxes 15 inches wide and less
  • Boxes where flaps / lids meet

Helpful Packaging Tape Tips

  • Always seal boxes with one strip of tape
  • If you are using two 48 mm tape strips, try using one 72 mm tape strip instead. (This saves time and money)
  • To seal a cardboard box properly, carry the tape down both sides by at least 2 inches.