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3M Aerosol Lubricants and Cleaners

3M Aerosol Lubricants and Cleaners

3M Cleaners, 3M lubricants, and 3M penetrates come in aerosol form and are used for maintenance and protection. These aerosol chemicals are performance proven daily in thousands of applications. Lubricating, cleaning, inhibiting rust, and other jobs become finger-touch easy.

Due to COVID-19 this product is currently out of production

3m Idustrial Products

Sku #
3M 5 Way Penetrant<br>3M Id: 62-4978-4930-7
3M 5 Way Penetrant
3M Id: 62-4978-4930-7
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3M Citrus Base Cleaner<br>3M Id: 62-4615-4930-5
3M Citrus Base Cleaner
3M Id: 62-4615-4930-5
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3M Silicone Lubricant<br>3M Id: 62-4678-4930-3
3M Silicone Lubricant
3M Id: 62-4678-4930-3
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