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3m Masking Made Simple
  • 3M™ Masking Tape

    We offer a full line of 3M™ Masking Tapes that encompass every application imaginable and we will continue to offer all available 3M Tape.  3M has made it simple by introducing a 5 tape system for masking tape. These five pressure sensitive masking tapes are built on increasing levels of performance. 


  • 3m Masking Made Simple
  • 3M Masking Made Simple

    Bonding, sealing or masking a wide variety of surfaces

    Creating sharp paint lines

    High temperature painting applications

    A wide variety of other light to heavy duty applications

    3M Masking Surface Protection (60 page PDF - 2.6 MB)

    High Quantity
3M 101+ Value Masking Tape 5.1 mil Tan Economy tape. For basic, light duty tasks
3M 201+ General Use Masking Tape 4.4 mil Tan General Use, simple to apply and remove
3M 301+ Performance Yellow Masking Tape 6.3 mil Yellow Ideal for industrial paint masking and bundling
3M 401+ High Performance Green Masking Tape 6.7 mil Green Provides excellent adhesion and conformability
3M 501+ Specialty High Temperature Purple Masking Tape 6.0 mil Purple High temp. tape, 300°F for up to 30 minutes.

General Purpose 3M™ Masking Tapes

Light duty bundling, sealing and masking

3M 202 6.3 mil Tan Is very solvent and moisture resistant
3M 203 4.7 mil Tan General purpose tape is an excellent value
3M 2214 5.4 mil Tan Light duty tape, great for sealing and bundling
3M 2307 5.2 mil Tan Utility grade, best for non-critical applications
3M 2308 5.3 mil Tan best for light, industrial applications

Industrial Grade 3M™ Masking Tapes

Withstands much higher temperatures

3M 213 6.5 mil Tan Safe for use on aluminum
3M 214 5.8 mil Tan Can be used on copper, silver and other medals
3M 225 5.8 mil Silver For outdoor use, weather and UV resistant
3M 226 10.6 mil Black Outdoor tape. Use on metal surfaces
3M 231 7.6 mil Tan Outdoor tape. Use on metal surfaces
3M 232 6.3 mil Tan Proffesional grade, high performance tape
3M 234 5.9 mil Tan For general, industrial applications
3M 2364 6.5 mil Tan Cost effective tape for high temperature masking
3M 2380 7.2 mil Tan Cleanly removes from cold and hot surfaces
3M 2393 7.6 mil Tan Cleanly removes from metal and plastic surfaces
3M 2480S - discontinued by 3M 4 mil Green Outdoor tape for use on boats and aircrafts
3M 2693 7.9 mil Tan Conformable for automobile paint masking
3M 200 4.4 mil Tan Economical tape for light duty tasks

Flatback 3M™ Masking Tape

Firm backing for clean, smoother paint lines

3M 2460 3.3 mil Gold Ultra thin, works in high temperatures
3M 2515 6.7 mil Tan Moisture resistant backing. Tears by hand
3M 2517 6.5 mil Medium Brown Splice liner boards, other general applications
3M 2525 9.5 mil Orange Bright color allows for easy identification
3M 2526 9.8 mil White Strong bond with both natural and synthetic fibers
3M 256 6.7 mil Various Smooth flatback paper allows for easy writing