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Filament Tape

3M 8919MSR Filament Tape

Scotch® Filament Tape 8919MSR is a clear polyester backed tape with a modified synthetic rubber adhesive and is reinforced with fiberglass filaments.

Applications Include

  • The heavy clear polyester film backing provides greater stiffness and excellent abrasion, moisture, and scuff resistance.
  • The modified synthetic rubber resin adhesive is specifically formulated to provide optimum oily metal adhesion, clean removal and stain resistant from a wide variety of surfaces.
  • The tape is specifically designed to hold a variety of metal appliance parts together during manufacture and shipping.
  • Metal working, pipe manufacturing, government and general industrial.
  • Metal bundling, coil tabbing, high strength reinforcing, lift flap closure, and heavy duty strapping.
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3m8919msr Filament Tape

Sku #
3M 8919MSR 18 mm x 55 m

3m8919msr Filament Tape

Sku #
3M 8919MSR 24 mm x 55 m
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